Saturday, April 05, 2003

This from the NYTimes:

Defiant Iraqis Say U.S. Advance Has Been Broken

AGHDAD, Iraq, April 5 - Senior Iraqi officials remained defiant today in the face of American military might, asserting that Iraqi soldiers and suicide bombers had ``crushed'' American troops at Baghdad's international airport and broken the American advance on the capital into isolated pockets that were surrendering to relentless Iraqi attacks.

Now, does anyone have a recent image in their mind? Like a pair of Taliban spokesmen in Pakistan claiming indestructability as Kabul fell?

What the heck are these guys thinking? Troops have run into downtown Baghdad and back out just to prove their invulnerability. And still, coalition casualties haven't numbered 100. Wow.

I'm caught between natural 'rooting' for our troops and feeling pity for the Iraqi regulars. I mean, make no mistake, this war has been a slaughter. Every time a group of enemy soldiers has shown up on the battlefield, they've been summarily mowed down. The worst example of being outgunned in this war came as the Iraqis tried to move a column of T-55 tanks out of Basra under cover of sandstorm...........remember?

Well, seems the overflying AWACS saw 'em...........that's 17 vintage 1958 Russian made T-55's vs a grouping of bright shining 1999 Challenger British tanks. Ohh, what a mess.........and no, count 'em, ZERO coalition casualties. I'm sure the rest of the Arab world, and even some of our 'allies' are seeing this and getting the message. It's a fairly straightforward and brutal one.
all this talk about Pfc. Lynch smacks a bit of propaganda. I mean, let's face it, this is a 19 year old supply clerk, basically counting rolls of toilet paper while the army happily adds to her college fund. This girl is supposed to be firing her weapon, taking down enemy soldiers, while her comrades lie dead around her and she herself has been seriously wounded? And then she stops only when she runs out of ammunition? Puh-leez.

Of unusual bravery, I have no doubt. I mean, I don't mind admitting that in such a situation I would probably wet myself. No, I would most SURELY wet myself. I wonder whether a young girl, with minimal weapons training would behave like the most elite special ops short, I think the stories are rife on both sides.

The Iraqi information minister informs that the coalition forces are 'surrounded' at Baghdad International Airport. Is that like the rat having the cheese surrounded in the middle of a firing mousetrap?
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